Our Services

Data Analysis,  Engineering & Data Science Services

We analyse and interpret data to extract insights. To support data-driven decision-making in organizations. Our services include:
  • Dashboards & Data visualization

  • Insights extraction for decision-making.

  • Data modelling and predictive analysis

  • Statistical analysis and programming

  • Statistical techniques, machine learning, and visualisation tools to identity patterns and trends.

IoT Services

We design and build the data infrastructure for applications, storage, processing, and integration from multiple data points. Our service includes:

  • Data structuring for specific analytics tools/applications Modeling and designing the data structures.

  • Implementing data integration solutions to ensure data consistency and accuracy.

  • Monitoring and optimising the application’s data infrastructure performance.

  • Modernising local SCADA to cloud SCADA.

  • Select modernised instrumentation to connect to IIoT platforms or PLC.

  • Mobile Development integrated with remote PLC.

Digital Solutions & Application Development

We design, develop, and maintain customized software applications/portals for data analytics projects. Our services include:
  • Software application development for the collection of data.

  • API integration service to pull data from other systems.

  • Admin portals to update reports.

  • Mobile tools Integration is, SMS, WhatsApp & USSD

Microsoft Azure Cloud & Cognitive

We develop solutions using machine learning or deep learning models for various business problems with Microsoft technology.
  • Microsoft Azure Al and cognitive services

  • Microsoft cloud platform services

  • Robotics process automation